Apr 20

Interview to Professor Navarro published on the BARCELONA GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS blog “The Barcelona GSE Voice”, April 17, 2015.

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Jan 01

Article published by Professor Navarro in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH SERVICES, January 2014.

The literature on the causes of the current financial and economic crises often fails to consider both the causal role of the conflict between capital and labor, and this conflict’s continued effect. This article analyzes the evolution of the conflict and its implications for the distribution of income during the post-World War II period. Especially emphasizing the relationship between the U.S. and European economies, it examines the genesis and development of the governing structures of the Eurozone as determining factors in the increasing gap between capital and labor. The history of the European economic trajectory and the current German financial leadership provide important context for the analysis. Evidence is provided that this conflict between capital and labor is at the roots of the current financial and economic crisis, a thesis has been dramatically underexposed in the current scientific literature.

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Oct 15


Article published by Vicenç Navarro in the “Dominio Público” column of the journal PÚBLICO, September 19th, 2013, and in the digital newspaper EL TRIANGLE, October 7th, 2013

This article analyzes General Pinochet’s military coup, the dictatorship that it established and the supervised democracy that succeeded this dictatorship, analyzing the neoliberal model established by the dictatorship, which remained during the democratic period. The article points out similarities and differences with the situation in Spain.

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Aug 20

Professor Navarro published this article in the Social Europe Journal, August 17th, 2012

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Oct 16

Published by Counterpunch, February 9th 2009

President Obama has put forward the name of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the well-known chief medical correspondent for CNN, for the position of surgeon general of the U.S. Public Health Service – the chief public health officer of the federal government. Dr. Gupta has received wide acclaim as the most important voice on medical matters in the U.S. broadcasting industry. And CNN has played an important role in developing and promulgating the U.S. establishment’s conventional wisdom on what is happening in the country’s medical care. Dr. Gupta has been a major force in the promotion of that wisdom. Continue reading »

Sep 09

Published by Counterpunch, September 7th 2009

Why Obama Needed Single Payer on the Table

Let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of Barack Obama. Early on, I warned many on the left that his slogan, “Yes, we can,” could not be read as a commitment to the major change this country needs (see “Yes, We Can. Can We? The Next Failure of Health Reform”). Continue reading »

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