Aug 26

Article by Vicente Navarro published in Counterpunch on the 26th of August, 2016.



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Mar 11

Article published by Vincent Navarro in the magazine CounterPunch, March 10th, 2016.

In this article, Professor Navarro explains the socialist candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposal for a change in the US health system.

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Oct 15

The chapter “The economic and political determinants of human (including health) rights” (1978) written by Vincent Navarro from the book “Crisis, health and medicine. A Social Critique”. 1986

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Sep 09

Published by Counterpunch, September 7th 2009

Why Obama Needed Single Payer on the Table

Let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of Barack Obama. Early on, I warned many on the left that his slogan, “Yes, we can,” could not be read as a commitment to the major change this country needs (see “Yes, We Can. Can We? The Next Failure of Health Reform”). Continue reading »

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Jun 26

Letter to the Editor, The American Prospect

Ezra Klein’s article “Wealth-Care Reform” (June 09) puts forward some positions that need to be questioned. Citing Michael McGinnis’s article in Health Affairs, Klein concludes that genetic predisposition accounts for 30% of a person’s health; social circumstances, 15%; environmental exposures, 5%; behavioral patterns, 40%; and shortfalls in medical care, 10%. In summary, if the genes you inherit from your parents are good, and if you eat properly, drink in moderation, do physical exercise, and do all the other things that health behavorists tell you to do, you are already in control of 70% of your health and longevity. The type of work you do, the type of place where you live, and the income you earn – among other economic and social circumstances – and the medical care you receive (or don’t receive) account for the remaining 30%. Continue reading »

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Jun 24

Published by Global Health Promotion, March 2009

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