Mar 21

Article published in Counterpunch by Vicente Navarro. March 8th 2012.

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Mar 07

Article published in Social Europe Journal by Vicente Navarro. February 10th 2012 Continue reading »

Mar 20

Original article by Antonio Daponte Codina, Julia Bolívar Muñoz, Silvia Toro Cárdena, Ricardo Ocaña Riola, Joan Benach Rovira and Vicente Navarro López

Published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2008


Feb 04

The Crisis of the European Union. Weakening of the EU Social Model.

Welfare State, Europe, Europe, Welfare State Comments Off on The Crisis of the European Union. Weakening of the EU Social Model.

Challenge/January–February 2008

Vincent Navarro and John Schmitt

Many obser vers argue that recent votes unfavorable to the European Union are the result of specific factors in each country. The authors argue there is a more central problem. The European social model has been seriously undermined, partly because of budgetary agreements of the EU and a zealous European Central Bank.

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Nov 30

Published on, Novembre 2007

In his article “The Hillarycare Mythology” (The American Prospect, October 2007, pp. 12-18), Paul Starr, a senior health policy advisor to President Bill Clinton and a leading figure in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s White House task force on health care reform, analyzes the origins, development, and final outcome of the Clinton administration’s health care reform–referred to by republicans as “Hillarycare.” Continue reading »

Sep 30

Vicenç Navarro. Annual Congres of the Spanish Trade Union Movement, Barcelona, 2005.

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