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Vicenç Navarro has been Professor of Applied Economics in the University of Barcelona. He is currently Professor of Political and Social Sciences, University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). He is also professor of Public Politics in The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, U.S.) where he has been teaching during 40 years. He directs the Program in Public and Social Policy sponsored jointly by the University Pompeu Fabra and The Johns Hopkins University. He is also the Director of the Observatorio Social de España.

He had to leave Spain for political reasons. He has lived and worked in Sweden (Upsala), Great Britain (London School of Economics, Oxford and Edinburgh) and in U.S. (The Johns Hopkins University) where he has been Professor of Public Politics. He was proposed as Extraordinary Professor of Applied Economics by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and integrated to the Catalan academic life as a Professor of Applied Economics of the University of Barcelona and later Professor of Political Sciences of the University Pompeu Fabra where he directs the program of Public and Social Politics sponsored together with The Johns Hopkins University, in which he continues to be professor. He has assessed the United Nations, the World Health Organization and many other governments including: the government of Unidad Popular de Chile, the Cuban government (in his health reform), the Swedish social-democratic government, the Spanish socialist government, the Catalan governments “tripartitos” and “d’entesa”, as well as the federal government of U.S., having been member of the working group on the health reform in the White House directed by Hillary Clinton.

His areas of investigation are: Political Economy, Welfare State and Policy Studies. He has published (24 books translated to several languages) being the most recent El Subdesarrollo Social de España: Causas y Consecuencias. Anagrama; Hay alternativas. Propuestas para crear empleo y Bienestar Social en España. Ed. Seguitur. (With Juan Torres and Alberto Garzón), Neoliberalism, Globalization and Inequalities. Baywood, and Ataque a la democracia y al bienestar. Crítica al pensamiento económico dominante. Anagrama, 2015. In 2002. He  received the prize of essay of the Publishing Anagrama by his book Bienestar insuficiente, democracia incompleta. De lo que no se habla en nuestro país. According to the Agency of International Scientific Information of the University of Pennsylvania (Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies), professor Navarro is one of the Spanish scientists most quoted in the international scientific literature in social sciences (that includes political sciences, economy, sociology, and other). In 2014 Professor Navarro was awarded the Stebbins Medal, given by the Johns Hopkins University to the best professor of the Public Policy Program of that Academic institution.

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