Nov 25
Last Friday, Professor Navarro’s blog was the subject of a highly sophisticated hacking attack that blocked all media. This hacking was an attempt to destroy the blog, and it almost succeeded. Repressive measures are taking place in Spain, and reactionary forces are attempting to silence critical views and voices. With the help of both computer experts and collaborators, Professor Navarro managed to reopen his blog over the weekend.
Professor Navarro appreciates the ensuing acts of solidarity, such as the below note from Professor Juan Torres (also appearing in the blog), protesting this incident:

The blog of Professor Vincent Navarro, one of the most cited scholars in the international scientific literature, and one of the most vocal critics of neoliberal thought and the limited Spanish democracy, in addition to being banned in most of the media in Spain, has been the subject of a highly sophisticated cyber attach that has crashed, damaged and silenced his work.
It is no coincidence that this happens on his website when the reactionary forces in this country have responded to the current crisis with an enormous repression, attempting to silence the voice of critics. Here I express my solidarity with Professor Vincent Navarro, and I hope that his blog continues as soon as possible to demystify the conventional wisdom in this country. I encourage you to read his blog and disseminate its information even more so than before, as it will be back up again very soon.

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